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Dear Sixth Form Applicant

Thank you for choosing to study at  Lutterworth College, we look forward to welcoming you in September.  Study in Sixth Form is different in so many ways to what you have been used to so far.  Although you get to choose a smaller number of subjects to study, and so you can explore these in much more depth, there is a much greater emphasis on your ability to be an independent learner, and the work is also much harder.

The last few months have been quite strange and challenging. The time you have spent away from school has been extended beyond that which you would have normally experienced and, with exams cancelled, you have not had the same opportunity to consolidate your learning and develop your skills.

This is not the induction we had in mind at the start of the year but we have put together a number of activities to support your transition in to Key Stage 5 and to enable you to show us your commitment to your learning and progress. I will also support you in ensuring your time with us is successful. 

We look forward to enrolling you into the Sixth Form in August

Year 12 Induction Powerpoint 2020


Transition Work 2020

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