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KS4 Uniform

Our School uniform has been selected to give our students a pride in their appearance and a sense of belonging to Lutterworth College. 

Our uniform reflects the schools rich 1880 heritage and strong belief in traditions. It has been designed to be formal, comfortable and purposeful. 

All students are to wear uniform at all times whilst on school site unless express permission has been given not do so i.e. in hot weather. In particular, the school blazer is to be worn at all times and is not to be replaced by another item of clothing.

We are committed to providing a safe college site, and to support this all staff, students must wear their ID cards at all times on College lanyards. When they join us, each student will be provided with an ID card personalised with their photograph and name. The photograph taken of your son or daughter during Induction Week will be used for this purpose. ID cards will be required in order for students to print their work from the college system, and to use our cashless catering system.


Compulsory items available from Academy Uniforms

  • Grey blazer with embroidered crest
  • College tie
  • College PE polo shirt

Compulsory items that can be purchased elsewhere or from Academy Uniforms

  • White shirt
  • Navy blue trousers/navy pleated skirt (note: trousers are to be full length and skirts must not be rolled up; the measure applied will be that the hem of the skirt extends below the length of the arm when extended down the side of the body)
  • All-black footwear
  • Navy or black PE shorts/tracksuit bottoms
  • PE trainers

Optional items available from Academy Uniforms

  • Plain navy V-neck jumper with embroidered crest
  • Navy cardigan with embroidered crest
  • College PE hoodie

We know that many parents would prefer to order online. Your child's school uniform can be purchased and will be delivered directly to your home or specified delivery address, incurring a delivery charge, or to the College free of charge. Academy School Uniforms also hold pop up shops on site throughout the year. Please keep an eye out for specific dates being advertised. Log on to www.just-schoolwear.co.uk to purchase Academy Uniforms items.

ID cards, lanyards & card holders

Lutterworth College operates a cashless payment system, and cannot accept cash for payment at any of its catering outlets.

You will be aware that a student’s ID card doubles-up as their payment card for food. The main reason for a move to a totally cashless environment are around security of cash on site but also to reduce the queuing time in our food outlets when students arrive with either cash or no ID/payment card. The use of cards as a means of payment for goods in society is long established and is a life skill that the College is happy to support. Our registers do have a ‘card touch’ payment facility much in the way that you would use a contactless debit card. 


Students are expected to have the following equipment with them at all times:

  • Black/blue pen
  • Green pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Glue
  • Scientific calculator
  • PE kit on days when they have PE lessons

Reading books

At Lutterworth College, we recognise that reading for pleasure makes a substantial difference to a student’s life. Research shows that children who read for enjoyment for at least 30 minutes a day at home not only perform better in English examinations than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, better general knowledge, and more empathy for those around them. Indeed, regular reading has more of an impact on how well a student does in school than their social or economic background.

In your child’s English lessons, students will have a fortnightly opportunity to visit the school library, and to read for pleasure. Our librarians are experts at recommending the right books to suit our students’ appetites.

Twice weekly, Key Stage 3 students will have silent reading time with their mentors.

To that end, we ask that students always have a book in their bag to read while at school.