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Lutterworth College

The School Day


All students start and finish the College day at the same time.   


  • Students may enter the main school buildings at 8.20 am. If students want to access food then S Dining (near the main hall) is open from 8.00 am for breakfast.
  • The main student pedestrian gates will be locked at 8.35 am – all students arriving after this time must enter via The Laurels gate or reception area and will receive a late mark, and a detention.
  • There is no access to and from the school via the rear gate (Auburn Place) which will be locked at all times.
  • Students catching a bus after school from the school site must wait near the bus lanes and walk to the bus when instructed by duty staff. Students must always follow duty staff instructions when using bus services, cross the bus lanes on marked crossings and must always walk to their designated bus.
  • Any student on site after 3.15pm should be registered in either an enrichment club, detention or in the library. If not, then students must leave the site by 3.30pm.
  • Students who cycle to school must ensure they lock their bikes up at the front of The Laurels building. Students do not walk their bikes through the building.

Please note we have no provision to supervise students or provide first aid cover outside of these access hours.


Our lessons are 1 hour in length and we have 5 lessons per day.

We operate a 2 week timetable which allows us to offer such a broad range of subjects, so our curriculum model works on a timeframe of 50 hours of lessons over 2 weeks.

Below is a table showing the current structure of the College day for all students:

Timings of the school day

08:40-09:40 Period 1

09:40-10:00 Mentor Time

10:00-11:00 Period 2

11:00-11:15 Break

11:20-12:20 Period 3

12:25-13:25 Period 4

13:25-14:05 Lunch 

14:10-15:10 Period 5