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Lutterworth College

STEM  - Join us Wed lunchtimes in the Design workshop

Do you have an interest in Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths?


There are plenty of opportunities to develop this interest.....

Join the STEM Club to have some fun by discovering and experimenting.

You could also become a STEM ambassador or STEM leader as well as have the opportunity to enter competitions and go on trips

Student Projects and Success Stories

 The Young Engineers of Britain

Reece Mistry entered a very competitive competition to be mentored by engineers and scientists at the National Physical Laboratory in London. He won one of 16 places with his design brief

The solar car challenge

Students needed to charge a car using solar power. They needed to work out how much charge in order to make it go a certain distance


They had several trial attempts before the competition, where the winner was decided.

Salters chemistry festival

It is a hands-on Chemistry competition for a group of  4 Year 7 & 8 students and took place at the University of Leicester.

Ours was an only Year 7 team, all the others were mixed teams.

We came second out of 15 other schools.

Become a STEM leader

Send  time working with year 7, in their Science lessons, inspiring the students.

Get the opportunity to interview some STEM ambassadors from industry, finding out what they did and how they came to be working in their field, giving them some ideas for their futures

Lunch Club fun:

Make Glitter slime

The Egg Challenge

Making bouncy balls