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AQA A-Level Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. The AQA Psychology A-level is an introduction to many aspects of this and gives a taster into a diverse and far reaching subject.  During the two years of study you will cover extensive research methodology units which give an overview of conducting research, ethics, data collection and analysis as well as statistical testing to determine significance of findings. You will study a brief history and the major approaches within Psychology which includes a large section on biological Psychology as a reflection of modern, science driven Psychology. You will also get an introduction to several core topics with the field including human memory, attachment, social influence and psychopathology.

In addition, in the second year you will have the chance to study a selection of topics which give an overview of ‘typical’, ‘atypical’ and ‘anti-social’ Psychology – Addiction, Relationships, Issues and Debates and Schizophrenia. By the end of the two years you will have a good understanding of human behaviour.

Course Title: Psychology
Exam Board: AQA specification and is 100% examination (3 x 2 hour exams)
Outcome: A Level Psychology
Course Contact: Mrs K Woodford




Many of our students go on to take undergraduate degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology.  However, Psychology is widely regarded by universities as a useful subject as it combines elements of English, Maths and Science and has links to many applied areas.  Psychology is now classified and scrutinised alongside other Science A-Levels and includes a 10% maths requirement.  This means that universities are increasingly now accepting it as a “Science” subject if entry requirements call for one.

Careers in Psychology are diverse, from Educational to Forensic work.  Clinical and Counselling to research fellowships.  A Psychology A-Level or degree is linked to knowledge of how and why humans behave in the way they do and therefore can give an interesting perspective to most careers.  Many of our students have used Psychology to help them in Business, Sport, Childcare, Engineering, Architecture and Drama.

Entry requirements

The A Level in Psychology requires that students are able to formulate essay responses, identify brain areas and label neurons as well as a specification requirement that 10% of the marks awarded have to be in mathematics.  Therefore, we require that students have obtained a minimum of a grade ‘5’ in English, Maths and Science (Biology).