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On behalf of the team welcome to Humanities at Lutterworth college. Whilst we recognise that top grades at GCSE and A level are incredibly important we also believe that our faculty can enrich students understanding of the world regardless of their ability.

Our ethos is to encourage students to understand and question the world around them. Whether this is the geographical environment, the past, the present, the political system, religious views and the individual mind.

We offer a broad spectrum of subjects across all key stages and believe that these provide students with transferable skills of analysis and evaluation.

We are currently based in H block mobile and T block. We look forward to meeting you.


Kelly Woodford

Head of Faculty


Key Stage Three GCSE A-Level
Geography Geography Geography
R.E R.E. R.E.
History History


BTEC Health and Social Care Level 1/2 Tech Award BTEC Health and Social Care Level 3
Sociology Sociology