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College blog - 8th September 2017

I wrote last week to all parents about our start to the term & our examination results this summer but I know that there have been some email issues so I have put the content of the letter in this first blog:

We felt it was important to share with you the excellent start students, in all year groups, had made this week at Lutterworth College. For the first time in the school’s history there are students in each Year Group from Year 7 through to Year 13. This enables the school to offer a truly all-through, seamless education from primary school to GCSE’s and onto A levels, and university or employment.

Students have come to school with a smile on their face and an aspiration to do really well and exceed all of our expectations. In assemblies this week we have been talking about the rich educational heritage of the school stemming back to 1880; and the school motto Sapere Aude and what it means to ‘Dare to be Wise.’ I was particularly impressed with our new cohort of over 230 Year 7’s; they looked really smart in their new uniforms and were keen to impress.

At the same time, it would be wrong not to celebrate our excellent examination results this year. They are truly historic both in terms of the attainment of students, and the progress students have made since being at the College.

Our A level results saw no less than 24 students achieving 3 or more A*/A grades. We were very pleased to have three of these students go up to Cambridge this Autumn to continue their studies.

Overall the attainment rates at the Sixth Form were as follows:

A*-A grades = 27% of all results

A*-B grades = 58% of all results

A*-C grades = 86% of all results

A*-E grades = 99% of all results

These results put the College’s Sixth Form well above what was achieved nationally at A level in other schools and significantly better than any previous results in the school’s history.

In a challenging time for GCSE results, the school again exceeded expectations with around a quarter of all grades in English Language, English Literature & Mathematics being gained within the highest tier 9-7 (A*-A). In English & Maths the pass rate at A*-C (9-4) was equally impressive at close to 90%.

It is a great start to the year to know that the school is in good shape academically. But we are our own worst critics and we can see where further improvements can still be made in order to further improve these results for future generations of Lutterworth College students.

In my new role I intend to be keeping parents up to date through a weekly blog on our College website. In the meantime we have our first Parental Engagement Evening on Monday 18th September and I look forward to seeing some of you there.


Also this week we saw the first half of Year 7 go on their 'bush craft' experience and reports back so far are that it has been a really enjoyable time and the students are behaving impeccably. Next week the second half of Year 7 go; hopefully with slightly less luggage!

Dom Lane, our Assistant Principal, promoted the concept of 'perception' during assemblies; and asked students to think about how their friends and staff at the College perceived them; and further what if their perception of themselves was less generous than those around them. Students also reflected on their perception of others. A useful starting point at the beginning of any new journey.

Have a lovely weekend

Nick Summers (Headteacher)