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Lutterworth College

Christian Ethos at Lutterworth College.

Lutterworth College is a Church of England voluntary controlled school.

This means we are supported and helped by the ‘Diocese of Leicester’ and local Churches to keep a healthy Christian ethos within the College.

The Lutterworth College Christian Ethos is for students and staff of ‘all faiths’ and ‘none’ to help us understand that love never fails, hate never wins and that all people are important. It teaches us to be patient, compassionate and forgiving to our fellow human beings, (remembering there are times when we all fail). It teaches us to be courageous in our ambition, selfless in our success and honest in every aspect of our lives.  There are also three ‘Foundation Governors’ who are active members of local Church communities, one of whom is the Rector at Lutterworth Church.

Lutterworth College has many good traditions and they are reflected in the excellent discipline of our students, smart attractive uniform, exemplary exam results (within the top 25% nationally) and a happy college community. The Church connection goes right back to the foundation of Lutterworth College (formally Lutterworth Grammar School) in 1880. The Chaplaincy is just part of those ongoing traditions with the current Chaplain, Graham Thomas, who has been in position since 2013. Prior to becoming Chaplain of Lutterworth College, Mr Thomas spent fourteen years as senior leader of the Lutterworth Community Church working closely with the other churches in the town and into all the schools in Lutterworth. He is now on the staff at St Mary’s church Lutterworth whilst doing Chaplaincy duties (as priority) and is also a part time minister for an inner-city church in Leicester. The Chaplains office, or ‘Faith Room’ is situated right at the heart of the campus in the ‘Student Reception’. The Faith Room is manned most lunch times for drop in, quiet reflection prayer or just a chat.

The Chaplaincy Team help with organising and presenting school assemblies, which incorporate ‘collective acts of worship’ and promote our Christian values. Often, (SLT) Senior Leadership Team members of staff, take assemblies and when this happens the Chaplain has five minutes at the end of each assembly to delivers the College ‘Thought for the Week’. This will consist of our ‘Values’, a short Biblical passage, ending with a brief prayer. Our values consist of things like: anti-bullying, hope, love, forgiveness, tolerance, respect, communion (togetherness), family, faithfulness; all helpful qualities that aid good citizenship, spanning all faiths and beliefs.

The Chaplaincy helps with events such as diversity day, also taking some SMSC and RE lessons. The Chaplaincy is also ready and available for devastating times such as bereavement and has and is willing to, take part in funerals for students and staff.

To reiterate; although the Chaplaincy is Christian, in our very nature we are totally inclusive. This means our Chaplaincy welcomes students and staff from all forms of Christianity, any other religion or no religion. We care for everyone and will try to do our best to help in any way we can.

The Chaplaincy exists for the staff as well as students. We are very pleased in the part we play that makes Lutterworth College the caring, happy and successful community it is.  The Chaplaincy promotes the phrase ‘people are important’ and through our Christian ethos we endeavour to promote this message throughout College life, helping our students to lead successful lives on every level.

The Chaplain is very willing to discuss any of the above and will make himself available for you. Feel free to get in touch.

The Chaplain, Graham Thomas - email him on g.thomas@lutterworthcollege.com


Lutterworth College last received a SIAMS inspection in October 2013. Click here to see the report